Couple, electricfired, raku, 37 cm tall


Welcome to my world of clay sculptures, all handcrafted in recent years. Explore the collection and discover something that speaks to you.

Woman's Face II, acrylic paints, 30 cm x 30 cm


I have a deep passion for painting, embracing both the challenges and the joy it brings. Please take a moment to explore. Thank you.

Bowl with a Flower, 30 cm


Some old and more fresh works, bowls, plates, bottles, cups. All highfired in electric kiln with glazes, oxides and engobes. Still trying to find balance in simplicity of shapes and minimalistic decoration and nice surface.

Girl I, face/ detail


Here, you can see my drawings from recent years, created using pencils, crayons, and mixed media. If you have a specific request or desire something similar, feel free to reach out to me. I'd be happy to consider creating a custom piece just for you.

Small Puppy, from my sketchbook

Animals- sketches

Graphite, sepia, charcoal, crayons and my fingers on paper. Some water sometimes too. And Animals. You can see my trials here.



Unique decorative forms, made of clay by my hands. Come, take a look!