About me

I am a visual artist from Poland, specializing in ceramic sculpture. I love painting, drawing, and occasionally i create collage work, connecting paper fragments. What brings me the closest and gives me the most satisfaction is figurative sculpture—objects for interiors and gardens, both small and large, decorative forms inspired by my admiration for and inspiration drawn from nature, architecture, and the inherent beauty of the material itself, which, for me, lies hidden in clay.

My primary focus is on people and everything that surrounds them—spirituality, emotions, relationships, feelings, and experiences. My sculptures often feature people, naked women, and portraits. Alongside humans, other creatures emerge, representing pure emotions, strong bonds, good relationships; they serve as support, escape, and protection.

What I put on paper is a swift recording of emotions, a notebook. Drawings are to me like slides, a snapshot, a freeze-frame of a moment. I always carry a notepad and a pencil in my bag, so I can always catch my breath. Color and canvas are an exciting journey, an eternal lesson in humility for me, but also fantastic struggles and experiences in my work. I keep coming back, searching for the simplicity of expression and minimalistic color combinations. I enjoy when you can see brushstrokes, the hand's touch in the composition—these are fragments of a journalistic record of my work, from a particular time, on that very day.

In ceramics, I use mainly chamotte clay for shaping my ceramic works, but also colorful dark and red clays, as well as porcelain clay. I fire the ceramics at high temperatures in an electric kiln, and recently, I have been fascinated by the effects of raku firing from a gas kiln.

Work is my passion and an escape from everyday troubles and worries. I invite you to my peculiar world, to view my creations. Please feel free to reach out. I accept orders based on individual ideas, both in sculpture and in painting or drawing. I am happy to create interior paintings, both smaller and larger, single pieces and small series. I design and create decorative objects and sculptures for private spaces.

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1995 - graduated from the Ceramics and Glass Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw



Ceramics of Young Artists 1992-1994

Wrocław High School of Fine Arts Exhibition, Brunswick, Halle 1995,

Wrocław High School of Fine Arts Exhibition, Gdańsk 1995,

“Form’97” Exhibition in Poznań 1997,

Individual exhibition, Warsaw 1997,

 “Angels 2000” Exhibition, Warsaw 1999

Individual exhibition, Hollandsche Rading (Holland) 2000

"New faces of ceramics", Otwock/Warsaw, 2008

Festival de la culture polonaise au Luxembourg, 2008

"Drei Frauen", Galerie Pokusa- Wiesbaden, 2013

"I am Waiting", Galeria M- Wrocław, 2018

Ysebaert Gallery- Sint Martens Latem, Belgium, 2019

My works took a part in art fairs: 2021/ Hamburg, 2023/ Roma


I cooperate with several contemporary art galleries in Poland, Denmark, Italy and France.


1997 - first prize at the "Forma 97" Competition in the "unique piece of art" category for the dessert set in china and glass, Poland

1998 - first prize at the "CITY CUP WARSAW" Competition for a cup with author's design became a part of one of the Rosenthal's collections; presented on the Frankfurt Fair.

My work has been featured in the book '500 Figures in Clay Vol.2' by Nan Smith, published in 2014.

Additionally, my creations have been added to the permanent collections of the MACS (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sicily) in 2016.